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Tracking and Monitoring 24/7 Canstars Ops Room with Quick Response Capability

Canstars Security Egypt will provide a bespoke integrated vehicle/person tracking solution and journey management package to the our client. Personnel operating within Egypt which will be monitored by our operations centre and our security managers based in the Cairo office. We employ a layered monitoring approach to ensure that all relevant personnel are in the communications loop and all our teams are well monitored and a reaction can be mounted at the first possible opportunity if the need may arise.

We achieve this by the use of various different tracking devices task specific and have several devices operational within Egypt at present. We use GT300 devices throughout the task as seen below. 

GT300 is a powerful miniature light weight GPS locator with super sensitive receiving ability and fast TTFF which works on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. Its location can be tracked real time through our operations center. The user can communicate with the service server through GPRS/GSM network, Call for help in emergency situations , setup Geo-fencing, Over-speeding, Low battery alerts. The user can make an emergency call, or dial the fixed phone numbers which have been preset in the device.

  •  Real-Time GPS Positioning
  • Voice Calls
  • Emergency Alarm/Calls                                     
  •  Low battery alarm
  • Falling Alarm    
  • Geo-fencing Alarm 
  • Remote Control Alarm
  • Driving over-speeding Alarm  

Control Center                                                                                                                  GT 300 Tracking device


All our devices have a built in panic alarm system which can be easily activated by the vehicle security team if required and is tested on a regular basis with no warning to our operation centre so to make sure their reactions and monitoring procedures are working well. If a device is activated then as well as all the Ops Centres seeing the alarm on the screen, a text and email is sent to all relevant mobile phones with the device number, team and GPS coordinates. The team with the device is then contacted to see if they are ok and if it is a false alarm and if neither of these can be established then a response will be initiated. Our team will all have GSM mobile phones and Tetra hand held police radios for communications between vehicles when on the move and at site locations. A journey management system will be implemented for all client personnel movement which will entail planning of movements in advance, booking in and out with our operations centre and check calls on arrival and departure of all locations.

  Control room monitor                                                          Canstars Situation Room

Canstars Egypt always delivers a highly professional service.

Who We Are

Canstars Security Services Egypt is a licensed security corporation compliant to the new legislation imposed by the Ministry of Interior. Since its' inception, Canstars Egypt has managed to create a strong reputation in the security service industry through its personal attention to all aspects of its' services. Our highly qualified management team has the diverse background and experience to provide an in depth-managed professional Security Services to our clients.
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