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Strategic Risk Assessments

Whether your company needs a security vulnerability assessment for one location or for hundreds of sites around the world, Canstars provides reliable risk evaluations and security consulting that help protect your staff and assets. We do not rely on second hand information; rather we physically send out one of our highly qualified investigators to travel to the required location at least 72 hours prior to client's visit. Our investigator acquires timely information relevant to current situation in order to deliver a reliable report to our client for the duration of their visit.

Canstars submits tailor made reports relevant to our clients' needs that assesses travel recommendations, based on a comprehensive risk assessment survey, that covers security threats of any nature.


Here are just some examples of the kind of work we can do to help you protect your company: 


  • Assess threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your headquarters and/or other physical locations (distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations, executive residences and travel routes).
  • Provide Government relations facilitators.
  • Evaluate an in depth threat level analysis.
  • Recommend health and safety preemptive measures.
  • Provide a detailed review of employee safety and security processes at all client locations.
  • Conduct a compliance audit against security provisions or mandates required by your industry.
  • Develop a demographic analysis of the criminal activity in the immediate locale.
  • Evaluate the use of electronic security systems and their applicability when compared to best practices and identified threats.
  • Review of your physical security related policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards.
  • Review and analyze the use of personnel for security purposes at client locations in determining best practice options for a balanced approach to staff hours and electronic security.
  • Prepare a detailed Crisis management manual and evaluation.
  • Provide an initial Vulnerability Findings report, documenting the results of our vulnerability site-assessment and interview processes.
  • Analyze your executive travel, protocols, procedures and safe practices.
Who We Are

Canstars Security Services Egypt is a licensed security corporation compliant to the new legislation imposed by the Ministry of Interior. Since its' inception, Canstars Egypt has managed to create a strong reputation in the security service industry through its personal attention to all aspects of its' services. Our highly qualified management team has the diverse background and experience to provide an in depth-managed professional Security Services to our clients.
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